Indian Academic
Researchers Association

Welcome To IARA

INDIAN ACADEMIC RESEARCHERS ASSOCIATION is a National, Professional, Non-Profit Association with objective to contribute to the field of academic research by promoting field research and academic coordination among the researchers working in the educational institutions in India. In order to help the research scholars and teachers of various levels, the trust has been publishing a Quarterly Journal entitled SELP JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE - ISSN: 0975-9999 ,(P) 2349-1655(O), an International Journal on RESEARCH EXPLORER - ISSN: 2250-1940 ,(P) 2349-1647(O) , an International Journal on TAMILAIVU SANGAMAM - ISSN: 2320-3412 ,(P) 2349-1639 (O) and proposed to release an International Journal on SCIENCE EXPLORE . All the journals have been indexed and abstracted in the leading database organisation. And also the trust has published books on various titles with ISBN

The main objectives of the IARA
  • To develop and promote academic research activities in social sciences;
  • To institute various awards such as Life-Time Achievement Award, Best Faculty Award, Excellence Award and Social Scientist Award,
  • To provide a forum for discussion of problems related to social science research;
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, conferences etc. in the field of social sciences
  • To publish journals, monographs and other types of literature on social sciences
  • To foster “excellence” in various fields of social sciences
Benefits of an IARA Member
  • S/he is proud of being a Member of a National Professional Organization
  • Fellow Members will be issued Fellow Membership Diploma (F.I.A.R.A).
  • IARA member will get preference to publish his/her articles in Selp journal of Social Science, The Research Explorer and other edited volume published by Selp publications.
  • SELP Trust will provide its member with financial assistance to organize seminar in their host institutions
  • Become a editorial board member in our journals
  • Award fellowship title as FIARA
  • Provides ISBN for publishing books
  • Eligible to receive research grant
  • Utilize as resource person /external examiner / panel member etc
  • Priority to confer Life time Achievement Award /Best Teacher Award /Social Scientist Award
  • Guidance to post doctoral research like D.Sc/D.Litt
  • Free consultancy for research and development
How to Become a Member

A teacher working in educational institutions are eligible to become a member of IARA by duly filled in membership form and to pay Rs.500 (Life Member) and Rs.1500 (Fellowship Member)

  • PUBLICATIONS – publish books with ISBN
  • AWARDS-separate notification will be given
  • MEMBERSHIP- apply for Life member and Fellow member
  • GRANT IN AID – for organising seminars and conducting research
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