Indian Academic
Researchers Association

Fellow member List

S.No Name and address Reference No
54 Dr.Vishwambhar Suklal Patil Assistant Professor Government College of Engineering Karad F120/2017
53 Dr.R.Portia Alagappa University College of Education Alagappa University Karikudi F118/2017
52 Dr.D.Periyar Ramasamy Assistant Professor Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural college TiruchirappF117/2017
51 Dr.D.Venkatesh Assistant Professor of Commerce A.V.V.M.Sri Pushpam College Poondi , Thajavur F116/2017
50 Dr.Konmal Sharma Assistant Professor of Economics MMV(PG) College Jodhpur, Rajesthan F115/2017
49 Dr.K.Thangaraj Assistant Professor of English Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural college TiruchirF114/2017
48 Prof. Dr. Anil Bhuimali, Vice Chancellor, Raiganj University, West Bengal, India F111/2017
47 S. Anandhi Post Doctoral Fellow TNAU Information & Training Centre TNAU, Anna Nagar, Chennai-600F119/2017
46 Dr. S. Kausalya Research Associate Department of Women Studies Bharathiar University, Coimbatore07/2016
45 Dr.S.Ramesh Kumar Assistant Professor (Horticulture)and Head, Vanavarayar Institute of Agricultu04/2016
44 Dr. R. Prabhu Research Associate NADP Cell CARDS Tamil Nadu Agriculture University Coimbatore 11/2016
43 Dr. A. Baskar Assistant Professor Department of Zoology Saiva Bhanu K. Shatriya College AruppukF110/2017
42 Dr. M. Xavier Paul Raj Professor (Crop Improvement),and Head, Vanavarayar Institute of Agricultu05/2016
41 Dr Prantosh K Paul Assistant Professor Department of CIS Raiganj University, Raigemj, Uttar DinF113/2017
40 Dr. Ashoke Das Associate Professor Department of Mathematics Raiganj University West Bengal. F112/2017
39 Mihir Chandulal Shah Assistant Professor (Department Of Accountancy) Near Govt. Servant Colleny F102/2017
38 DR. Prashant Harishchandra Bhagat Assistant Professor (Department of Commerce) Near Govt, ServanF101/2017
37 Dr. M.Julias Ceasar Assistant Professor Department of Commerce Saint Xavier’s College (Autonom12/2015
36 Dr.D.C. Nanjunda Associate Professor CCSEIP University of Mysore , Mysore 09/2014
35 Dr. U.Umesh Faculty of Commerce and Management Amal college of Advanced Studies Myladi , Kera08/2014
34 Dr. R.Vijayalakshmi., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Commerce Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College Tric04/2015
33 T.Manichander., Ph.D. Faculty of Education, IASE, Osmania University Hyderabad. 05/2014
32 G.Radhika Assistant Professor V.S.B. Engineering College Karudayampalayam (Post) Karur-639 111.06/2014
31 Dr. R.Rangarajan., Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Commerce University of Madras Chepau07/2014
30 Dr. K. Subramanian., Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Economics Saraswathi Narayanan College Perung05/2014
29 Dr. P.Jegatheeswari., Ph.D. Associate Professor G.K.M. College of Engineering & Technology G.K.M04/2013
28 Dr. M. Sumathy., Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Commerce Bharathiar University Coimb10/2014
27 Mr. Dipankar Sharma Assistant Professor of Sociology MDKG College, Dibrugarh, Assam Mr. Dipankar09/2015
26 Dr. V.G.Siddaraju., Ph.D. Associate Professor Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusion 20/2017
25 Mr. S. Kalugasalamurthy Faculties of Management Studies Dr.MGR. Educational and Research UniversF104/2017
24 Dr. S.R. Padma., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Social Science Agricultural College andF103/2017
23 Mr. Mihir Chandulal Shah Assistant Professor of Accountancy F102/2017
22 Dr. Prashant Harishchandra Bhagat Assistant Professor of Commerce F101/2017
21 Dr. R.Mubeen., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Commerce K.S.Rangasamy College of Arts and Science (A23/2017
20 Dr. M.Vasan., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Commerce A.V.V.M. Shri Pushpam College (Autonomous) P22/2017
19 Mr. K. Kalidas Assistant Professor of (ARM) and Head Department of Social Science Vanavarayar I21/2017
18 Dr. A. Kumaravel., Ph.D. Professor and Head Department of Mechanical Engineering K.S. Rangasamy 13/2016
17 Dr. A.Dharmaraj., Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Management Studies & Research Karpagam13/2016
16 Dr. P.Anbarasan., Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Agricultural Extension) Kumaraguru Institute of Agr12/2016
15 Dr. R.Prabhu., Ph.D. Research Associate Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore. 11/2016
14 Dr. M.Uma Gowri., Ph.D. Research Associate Department of Agricultural Economics Tamil Nadu Agric10/2016
13 Dr. A.Murugesan., Ph.D. Professor of Mechanical Engineering K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology 09/2016
12 Mr. A.Avinash Assistant Professor KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore-07 8/2016
11 Dr. V.Dheenadhayalan., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Commerce Annamalai University Chidambaram-6007/2016
10 Dr. M.Xavier Paul Raj., Ph.D. Professor (Crop Imporovement) anavarayar Institute of Agriculture 05/2016
9 Dr. S.Ramesh Kumar., Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Horticulture) Vanavarayar Institute of Agricultur04/2016
8 Dr. Snehangsu Sinha., Ph.D. Research Assistant College of Veterinary Science Guwahati- Assam 03/2016
7 Dr. A.Sulthan Mohideen., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Commerce Hajee Karutha Rawther Howdia Colle02/2016
6 Dr. M.Biruntha., Ph.D. Principal Mother Teresa College of Education Illupur, Pudukkottai. 026/2015
5 Mr. K. Elango Associate Professor Department of Economics National College Tiruchirappalli 025/2015
4 Dr. V.Raghu Raman., Ph.D. Senior Faculties(Business Studies) IBRA College of Technology, Oman 10/2014-15
3 Dr. T. Jayakumar., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English Periyar E.V.R. College (Autonomous) Tiru07/2014-15
2 Dr. N.Murugeswari., Ph.D. Professor Department of Women Studies Bharathidasan University Tiruc06/2014-15
1 Dr. C.Paramasivan., Ph.D.Assistant Professor of CommercePeriyar E.V.R. College (Autonomous)Ti08/2014-15
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